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Top 7 Custom Storage and Closet Ideas


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Homeowners are often frustrated by a lack of storage space, but custom built-ins can make good use of every nook and cranny. Here are seven top custom storage and closet ideas you can use to control your clutter and make the most of the space you have.

7. Custom Window Seats

Custom window seats add both storage and seating in any room in the house. If you have unused space beneath a large window, add a built-in bench to create a sitting area with storage underneath. Include built-in shelves and cabinets on either side to add stately elegance to any room.
Every home has under-utilized space, and custom built-in storage units are a great way to keep you organized. They also add value. Consider these tips when planning how to best use the space in your home.

6. Entry Halls

Entry halls can easily become chaotic, but built-in lockers can give each member of the family a place to store their coats, backpacks, and briefcases for easy access. This will help everyone stay more organized, and keep your entry looking grand.

5. Home Office Center

More Americans are working at home than ever before and a home office center can be created in an unused closet by adding a built-in desk and shelving unit. A professional installation will ensure that it includes task lighting, as well as access for electrical outlets and Internet. Best of all, the closet doors can be closed at the end of your workday.