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Top 5 Celebrity Home Furnishings


Photo credit: Yew Tree House / Flickr


There are many reasons why ordinary people enjoy seeing the lavish belongings of celebrities. First off, an intimate look into the lives of the rich and famous can make people feel closer to the celebrities whom they admire so. Seeing how the wealthy live also gives the less fortunate a mark for which they may strive.

It’s also very entertaining to compare how much the super wealthy spend on a golden flea collar for a pet as opposed to how much other people may spend on a vehicle or a home. The following list details the five most common luxury furnishings found within the homes of celebrities, and the inflated prices which they pay to obtain them.

5. Where the Magic Happens

Once an episode — on every show where celebrities lead a tour through their homes — there’s bound to be one person who says “and this is where the magic happens.” This phrase is always reserved for the bed in the master bedroom, and it has become a common “romantic” innuendo.

Spending more than $10,000 on a place to sleep has also become rather common among the rich and famous. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bed which is why some celebrity couples choose to sleep in separate beds. According to the Huffington Post, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise not only sleep in separate beds, but separate rooms.

For some celebrities, the thought of sleeping alone in a huge bed is enough to incite an impulse purchase. In an interview with Vanity Fair Shaquille O’Neal admits to purchasing his first home for the massive bed which came with it. For a seven foot, 350 pound center, the chance to sleep in an adequately sized bed must be quite refreshing.

There have been no exact amounts quoted on the price of a bed fit for a giant, but it isn’t as expensive as the “Royal Bed” being manufactured to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. According to the ABC World News, only sixty of these hand crafted beds will be made.

Perhaps the 700 man hours required to construct one is a factor in this decision. Perhaps the $175,000 price tag is a factor as well. Either way, this expensive bed isn’t likely to see much magic as the queen and Prince Phillip have always slept in separate beds.

There’s no word on who the other 59 recipients of the lavish Bed will be, but they can rest well knowing they’re receiving the royal treatment.