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Top 15 His & Her Closet Organization Ideas


1. Start at the Bottom
Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products / Flickr

Before the battle for closet space flares into all-out war, here are 15 of the best organization ideas to keep the peace and help everyone get the most out of their closet space.

15. Start at the Bottom

Making the most of closet space means having a system that can keep things organized vertically. Use portable shoe shelves on the bottom to multiply the space you have for shoes.

14. Step by Step

Stacking a narrower shoe shelf on top of a wider one will give you more levels for shoe storage below your shorter hanging items.

13. Hang In There

Depending on the width versus the depth of the closet, it may be better to have his and her hanging bars on opposite sides of the closet rather than across the back.

12. Divide and Conquer

If the closet is wide but shallow then create two shirt size hanging spaces stacked on top of each other in the center with two areas for longer items like pants and dresses on either side.

11. Look Up

High shelves are a great place to store seldom used items. Look for extra space to put high shelves above the closet door and along the sides.

10. Label It

The bane of any organized closet is the mystery box. Prevent yourself from having to pull boxes out searching for something by keeping a list of the contents on the outside of the box. Cross off and add items as necessary.

9. Tis the Season

Seasonal items should be swapped out and stored on a high shelf (See #5 and #6). Keep only the items that you use regularly during that season within easy access.

8. Behind Door #1

Behind the door is an often overlooked place for extra storage. Use over-the-door hooks or mount hooks on the back of the door. This a great place for often used items like hoodies, hats and bags.