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The Reuse Goldmine – 12 Great Finds For Your Next Mod Decor Project


Living Room with a Maple hardwood floor in Umbria stain.
Photo credit: Mirage floors / Flickr

Using reclaimed materials from the demolition, deconstruction or renovation of homes, businesses and public buildings is becoming easier with the increasing number of reused material warehouse stores. Often run by non-profit organizations, some reused material warehouses have their own deconstruction crews, while others rely on relationships with contractors to secure a steady supply of reusable materials.

Among the stacks of framing studs and rows of old screen doors there are some gems just waiting to be discovered. Here are 12 diamonds in the rough that you can use for a cool modern home makeover.

12. Gymnasium Flooring

High quality maple flooring can be found whenever a school or other sports facility decides to replace their gymnasium flooring. Many reuse centers will have a supply. Imagine having a 3 point line in your own living room. Pieces can also be mixed and matched to create artistic patterns from the old sports lines. Maple flooring installed on your wall will create a striking focal point.

11. Bricks

Depending on what part of the country you live in, brick may be a common material at your local reuse center. Bricks from demolished buildings, like old factories, are popular as garden paving stones and flower bed borders.
You can install them just as you would interlocking stone. By mixing red brick and other recycled ceramics or paving material you can create interesting patterns in your backyard patio and walkways.

10. Porous Paving

Items as diverse as old wine bottles, PVC or ceramic pipe and concrete cores, all make excellent material for porous paving. Any rugged material that will fit together in a lattice type pattern that allows fine gravel or scree to fill the spaces will provide a stable pavement surface that is still porous to water.