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The 14 Most Dangerous Home Improvement Projects That You Shouldn’t Do Alone


14. Critter Removal
Photo credit: Trevor Blake / Flickr


Danger is everywhere, or at least that’s what watching the news leads you to believe. Home is the safest place to be. If staying home means fixing your place up then there are a few projects you might want to think twice about. Here is our list of the 14 most dangerous home improvement projects.

14. Critter Removal

Have you ever met an angry squirrel? Those cute little forest creatures that gather round to listen to Snow White sing can become like possessed demons when cornered or threatened. From squirrels to raccoons and bees to snakes, there are dozens of wild things that can become unwanted guests in your home. You may think that you can simply buy a better mouse trap but you may have something more potentially harmful than you realize.

Rodents can carry a host of diseases and in some cases their feces can harbor pathogens that can cause things like hemorrhagic fever and certain types of meningitis. Just breathing dust that includes rodent feces can put you at risk. If you have pets, keeping them safe is another good reason to hire a professional.

13. Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a triple threat. There is the possibility of falling from a ladder or the tree itself, the chance of being struck by a falling branch or that branch damaging other property and if you are in the vicinity of your house’s electrical connection you may be at risk of contacting a live electrical line.

Trees like hard maple weigh more than 40 pounds per cubic foot, so even a modest sized branch can weigh several hundred pounds. After falling about 12 feet the branch is traveling 20 miles per hour and packs enough punch to smash a hole in your roof.

12. Fixing a Garage Door

Your garage door contains a powerful spring that can be very dangerous. There are special tools that garage door installers use to replace and adjust these springs safely. If your garage door is not working properly, this is one job that you should probably leave to an expert.