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Solar Powering A House


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Depending on where you live, solar power is actually a reasonable option for powering your home.

While it has been an option in the past, many problems existed that made converting your home not only expensive but burdensome as well. With continuing advances in technology in several areas, solar power has become affordable, so it can now provide us with ways to completely eliminate fossil fuels from our lives as well.

Solar Systems

Solar panels take sunlight and convert it into electricity which is then stored in batteries until it is needed. While it takes many solar panels to create enough electricity to power a home, most homes have plenty of space on the roof or in the yard to host these panels.

Also, certain space is required to hold the storage batteries, and connections have to be made into the home electric system as well. While there is a definite initial investment to be made in solar panels and batteries, the savings on your power bill and other considerations mean that investment can be paid back in approximately 5 years.


A solar system capable of powering your home will run between $20,000 and $50,000. Granted, that sounds like a lot of money, but some of those funds can be offset almost immediately with tax breaks from your state and government, as well as available funding from private sources and your power company.

However, that still leaves you with a considerable out-of-pocket expense which has to be made up for in other ways.

These are examples of how you can not only save money by switching to solar, but also make money and eliminate fossil fuels.

Convert All Appliances To Electric

By replacing your stove, hot water heater, furnace and other appliances that use natural gas, you can eliminate both the need and the expense of natural gas in your home.

Replace Your Vehicle With An EV

All electric vehicles now have a longer range, they are more reliable, and they are also less expensive than ever before. By solar powering your home, you can also “solar power” your vehicle as well.

Sell Power To The Electric Companies

While you will use most of the electricity generated by your solar panels, if you’ve overbuilt, you will have excess electricity available, which can be sold to the electric company for either credit or actual money. This means instead of you paying them for electricity, they’re paying you for electricity.

Is It Worth It?

Unfortunately, many areas of the country don’t get enough sunlight to provide enough electricity for a home on a consistent basis. However, for those areas that do get enough, and for those people who are able to make the investment, solar power can revolutionize their lives.

In the right area, not only can you break even on a solar powered home in 5 years, but you can make money as well. If you’re considering solar power, talk to a consultant in your area to see if your home is a good candidate for conversion. Now is finally the time for the average homeowner to take a serious look at solar power.