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Make Your Home Sparkle With These Tricks!



Cleaning can be quite tiresome and monotonous, but if you do it right, you will feel accomplished and better in your own home at the end of the day. Until it’s time to do it again…

These simple hacks will help you be more efficient when it comes to house cleaning.

In case you spill red wine on your carpet, you can easily remove the stain by dabbing some shaving foam on it.

If you have lamps all over your house and can’t quite get around cleaning the lamp shades, use lint rollers instead of damp cloths; they will do wonders.

When cleaning glass surfaces, use old newspapers instead of paper towels, you will notice the difference. Keep in mind that you’re also protecting the environment this way.

Baking soda is wondrous when it comes to maintaining your household and its uses are manifold. Make a paste using baking soda and water to remove odors from your plastic containers or make your china look squeaky clean. Moreover, just by putting some baking soda in a glass, you will eliminate all the unpleasant smells from your kitchen or any other part of the house.