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Make an Outdoor Table Out of Wood Pallets in 14 Easy Steps


1.Prepare the foundation
Photo credit: faroutflora / Flickr

A patio table is ideal for adding that extra bit of appeal to your outdoor space. It’s an elegant and highly functional piece of furniture, hence it has great value.

Here is how you can make an attractive outdoor table from wood pallets:

14. Prepare the foundation

First and foremost, take a piece of wood and divide it into two pieces. Make sure that its length matches the width of the table. These pieces serve as a foundation (support) for the table. After that, mark the spot where it will be attached and fix it below the table.

13. Add support

Subsequently, add support to the sides of the table (like seen on other tables). You can do so by cutting a broad piece (according to the table’s width) and attach it to the ends, with the help of screws. This ensures that all the weight is not placed on any one plank. Make sure the screws are inserted from the bottom so that they are not visible.

12. Make the legs

Once that is done, you’ll work on making the legs for the table. For a unique look, use cubes that give clear separation between the pallet and plank. Now in order to increase the height of the table, drill holes into the cubes and put dowels in each of them. Moreover, this creates cohesion between the table and legs.

11. Glue it

After inserting the dowels, fix the blocks (cubes) together, using glue. Make sure they are clamped firmly. You may need to wait around 24 hours for it to dry up.

10. Design it

Upon drying up, you can then work on designing them according to your taste. You can even consider sanding them a bit.

9. Attach it

Once you’re done with designing it, take the legs and attach it to the table with the help of screws. Make sure it’s firmly fixed to the table otherwise it would waiver from side to side.

8. Prepare the material for chairs

In order for the table to exhibit a perfect look, it has to be surrounded by a few chairs, right? So let’s make a chair to complement your pallet table. Take a piece of wood and cut according to the preferred width. Subsequently, cut another two pieces of wood for the length of the chair.