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Invite Butterflies and Birds to Your Backyard


Invite Butterflies and Birds to Your Backyard
Photo credit: snowpeak / Flickr


It is easier than ever to turn your garden into a sanctuary for wildlife. From choosing nectar-bearing plants to creating bird shelters, you can bring beauty to your backyard while attracting butterflies and birds to take refuge there.

Create a healthy yard by planting native trees, wildflowers, and shrubs to provide nesting opportunities to local birds, which might have lost their natural habitats.

Birdscaping: Creating a Healthy Yard

Birds and butterflies bring charm to your garden. Creating a birds caped garden will help connect you with migratory birds that are hardly spotted otherwise.With birdscaping, you can contribute to the survival of such migratory birds that winter, nest, or migrate through your region every year.

Birdscaping is all about providing food, shelter, water, and nesting, foraging, and roosting sites for birds. Native plants create numerous layers of attractive habitat for birds and beneficial insects.
Plant shrubs in a way that best mimics natural habitat, and use them around the foundation of your home and the borders of your yard.Some birds may refrain from using them,and prefer to make nests on knotholes of trees, branches, building ledges, and fence posts.

Bird baths

A small bird bath can certainly be inviting for birds. Creating well-maintained birdbaths with shallow edges will help birds bathe and drink easily without getting too wet. Birdbath is the most attractive place for birds, where they visit almost every day.

Place the artificial bird “spa”among low-level cover plants and at a close distance from the front porch, where birds can easily spot predators. Placing a wire mesh or protruding rock in the pond will provide a safe landing spot for the birds, which can otherwise misjudge the depth of water.

Providing a perch, such as shrub, branch, or fence, nearby will create the impression of a natural setting and attract some of the most colorful birds in the region.

Bird feeders

It’s relatively easy to attract birds to your garden by using feeders that will supply a ready food source.Carefully placed bird feeders will make it easier for you to watch birds at a close range. The larger the menu offered, the more attractive the garden to birds. Give the birds a varied diet, including dried fruit, seeds,cracked corn, and bread crumbs, to transform your yard into a safe haven for them.

Weeds and grasses

Attract birds to your garden by providing a “wild” spot for thistles, ragweed, tall grasses, and goldenrod to grow. By doing so, you will add to your list of bird guests. Allowing ornamental grass to stand in winter will provide abundant seeds for birds during this season and keep them attracted to your yard.

Butterfly Garden

An ideal butterfly friendly garden, with nectar-rich plants and flowers, will invite adult butterflies and offer them an inviting place to lay eggs. Large flower stands of a single color are more appealing to butterflies searching for nectar.

Grow these flowering plants alongside some stone walls to help butterflies settle. A few brush piles, tall grasses, and shrubbery will offer the added protection from outside elements and attract plenty of winged jewels to your garden.

All trees and shrubs will add value to your garden. Providing shrubs and trees that provide food and shelter to birds will do well to attract birds to your yard.

When you are done with creating a safe shelter for birds in your garden, keep a close eye on the birds to see how they respond to your efforts. By creating a healthy yard to invite birds and butterflies, you will enhance the outdoor space and add a new dimension of interest to it.