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How to Weatherproof your Doors and Windows in 12 Steps


1. Assemble the tools and materials
Photo credit: devdsp / Flickr

Weatherproofing your doors and windows is important for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in your house during winter and rainy seasons. Weatherproofing your doors and windows is not an overly difficult task. You’ll just need to spend some time and effort, without incurring any major expense. So let’s get started with the process:

12. Assemble the tools and materials

First and foremost, you have to assemble the tools and materials you’ll require during the process. Some important things include a caulking gun along with caulk, screwdriver, putty knife, hammer, weather stripping, wood filler and pry bar.

11. Start with the door

After collecting the required tools and materials, let’s move on to the actual process. You’ll start with the door. Look at the door carefully for possible gaps. A torch or any other lighting object may facilitate in detecting cracks or gaps in its surface. Make sure the room is dark when you do this.

10. Smaller cracks

Once you have detected the cracks, caulk them up with the help of a caulking gun. Moreover, you can do it using a putty knife. This will make it (door) a bit more weatherproof.

9. Bigger cracks

Now fix the bigger and more apparent cracks/gap. You’ll do this using a backer rod. First cut the rod (according to size of the gap) with the cutter. Now fill the gap with caulk and then fit the rod piece into it. You may even want to apply more caulk to it for complete seal. Once the caulk is applied, give it adequate time to dry and then even its surface with a putty knife.

8. Prepare the weather stripping

Subsequently, take the weather stripping and cut a length of it for the sides and upper part of the door (it should be a couple of centimeters bigger than the actual size).

After that, take the length-backing of one side of the weather stripping off. This will be for the side of the door. Now you’ll begin by fixing the stripping in the gap between the doorframe and shut-door using threshold.

7. Application

Fix the weather stripping in between the door frame and shut-door. You can also use a putty knife to propel the stripping even more into its place. Thereafter, open the door and press the weather stripping as hard as you can, so that it gets stuck firmly to the doorframe.