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How To Feng Shui Your Home In No Time



While some people consider Feng Shui nothing but a waste of time, others appreciate it immensely as it represents a tradition of harmony that is over six millennia old. Whatever you believe in, if you feel like your house could use some good mojo, try these Feng Shui tactics for better energy flow.

Get rid of that “dangerous furniture.” If there is a table in your house on which you regularly stub your toe on or any part of furniture that has sharp edges, try to replace with smooth round edges, so that you would feel safe in your home on every level.

Balance the elements aka colors in your home. Take a look around and see if your home is dominated by one color, and then break the monotony with hues from the opposite side of the color spectrum. Colors represent elements, and you want them all in balance for the energy to flow freely.

Make your entrance representable. Make sure your door is in good shape, keep the entranceway clear of clutter and the energy that comes in will be much better for you and your house.

Mirrors reflect energy, so put them in places where the daylight is weak, and in the dining area so that your meals are even more enjoyable.

Clutter is the barer of negative energy, so get rid of it. Once you start cleaning, you’ll realize that most of the stuff you’ve accumulated you don’t need anyway, and that is a very liberating feeling.