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Host a Money Making Yard Sale


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One of the easiest and most time-tested methods of earning extra money is to host a yard sale. People have been doing it for decades.

In fact, it was the best way to make a nice chunk of extra cash in the days before the Internet and websites such as Craigslist and eBay. However, even in this digital age, you can still make money with a yard sale, sometimes more than you might expect.

There are a lot of yard sale fans out there and they’re just waiting to come to yours. Here’s how to host a money making yard sale that will be the envy of the neighborhood and exceed your expectations.

Advertise Your Yard Sale at Least a Week in Advance (Extensively)

You want to get people excited about your yard sale. Make it something they’ll want to put on their calendars and remember. Start advertising about a week before the sale. This will give people time to plan to go to it, while not making your announcement so far in advance that people will forget you’re having it.

Advertise in the classified section of the local newspaper, put up flyers all around town, and make announcements on Craigslist every day starting a week before and up to the actual day of the big event. This will get as many people to come to it as possible.

Get Organized Beforehand

About mid-way through the week before your yard sale, start going through your belongings and deciding on what you’re going to be selling. Put everything that is to be sold in one room, and try to group like things together (it will make set-up easier later).

Buy some multi-colored circular stickers and decide on prices for your items. Write a price for an item on a sticker, then stick it on its companion item. Remember to keep prices low, as yard sale patrons expect to get deals.

Think flea market pricing when pricing your items, and don’t expect to get what you paid for something. You’ll get far less, but the money you’ll make from selling a lot of your things at once will add up.

Make the Sale Display Attractive

Set up in your yard about an hour before the sale begins, and make things look attractive. This is enticing to buyers. Put up tables where you can group like items together. This makes shopping easier. Put large things on the ground, also in “like” groups. It helps bring extra money to the sale, if you buy about three dozen small bags of chips and cans of soda (which you’ll keep in a cooler) beforehand to have at the sale.

You can sell these for twice what you paid for them to hungry and thirsty shoppers who are probably going to many different sales that day. It helps bring you some extra income from your sale, too. Keep one table just for check-out, and put it in the center of the sale for easy locating.

Keep Change on Hand

Keep a cash box at your check-out table and a chair on which to sit. Put money in the box beforehand to include any kind of change you might need to make for customers.

In general, it’s a good idea to keep four or five $5 and $10 bills, 1 or 2 $20 bills, and a lot of small change. You will have a more successful sale, if you can make change for your customers.

It’s easy to host a money making yard sale. All you need to do is invest some time in a little preparation, and make things as pleasant (and easy) for your customers as possible. Plus remember, the more you put out to sell, the more money you’ll make!