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Get Your Neighbor to Hate You With These 11 Home Improvement Projects


Tree house-flickr-AndyRobertsPhotos
Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos / Flickr

Some neighbors are great. They’re always bringing over baked goods and offering to water your lawn when you go camping. Then there are others that just seem like they want to judge you from behind that little crack between the front curtains. For those neighbors we have 11 great home improvement projects that will drive them crazy.

11. Build a Stargazing Platform

Get the upper hand on nosy neighbors with your own stargazing platform. Part playhouse, part tree house, part romantic retreat when the kids are asleep, a raised platform is great for sitting out under the stars and the lower area provides a nice shady place to play, or you can dress it up like an Arab inspired gazebo. Leave your telescope out so the neighbors know you can see their every move magnified 40 times over.

10. Sprout a Couch

Greg Tate is one of several landscape architects who is encouraging people to create lawn furniture from the lawn itself. Sod furniture borrows from the great DIY tradition of early settlers on the prairies who built sod houses to make it through those first few harsh winters.

Forming a sod sofa or ottoman is as simple as staking the basic form with boards like you were going to pour cement. Add the soil a foot at a time and pack it firm and then add more soil until you have the basic shape. You can sculpt it like clay until it looks exactly the way you want. When you are satisfied, sprinkle with fertilizer and water lightly. Attach the sod using chopsticks to hold it in place.

You can add a little more strength by adding chicken wire under the sod on the arms, back and sides. Water your sofa well for the next few weeks and then, when the roots have taken hold, remove the chopsticks and trim your couch using a regular weed whacker. If you plant it in your front yard you are sure to have lots of curious visitors stop by. The neighbors will love that!