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Easy Kitchen Entertaining Ideas


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Kitchen is not simply a space for cooking and eating; it is a destination hotspot for guests, who often choose to gather in your kitchen, irrespective of its size.From gathering in the kitchen early in the morning to kick-start the weekend to entertaining guests for a party at home, your kitchen is truly the heart of yourabode.

Getinspired to transform your kitchento create a space your guests will simply fall in love with. Add specialty features to your kitchen decoration while designing a layout that allows you to easily interact with guests.

Creating a Kitchen for Entertaining

Size isn’t at all a prerequisite when it comes to making your kitchen more entertaining. Before you start with your kitchen decoration project, review how you intend to use the space. This will help you stay on track while you make key decisions about floor plan, cabinetry, and appliances to create a well-configured kitchen.

Open the Kitchen

If the idea of an open kitchen interests you, this kitchen entertaining tip is for you. To reinforce the idea of a large space in a small kitchen, remove the door and combine the dining area with the kitchen and enjoy the expansive feel whileleaving ample room for socializing.

Color the walls white to make the kitchen-cum-dining area feel bright and airy. Open shelves and open cabinets will be more than inviting for guests. Warming drawers are a must-have for entertainers to keep the food warm while maintaining its quality.

Kitchen Island

A semicircular island in the center is perfect for entertaining. Not only this, it will create space for more than two chefs to work while your guests sip and gossip.

However, if you think one big island will take up too much space, you may choose to install two islands, with one designated for washing and chopping and the other one for cooking. Use unique centerpieces, such as florals and candles, on the kitchen island tocreate an impression of a formal dining area. You may even useyour glass cabinetry to show off!

Sleek Appliances

If you’re designing a kitchen only for entertaining and don’t intend to do serious cooking for other days, simply choosing good quality appliances will do. You don’t have to invest inprofessional grade appliances and raise your budget unnecessarily.

Good quality appliances might not be top of the line, but still they look beautiful and are perfect as an easy kitchen entertaining idea.

Flat-Screen Television

Of course, a flat screen is a must-have “appliance” in the kitchen if you often entertain your friends or relatives during sports events.Sacrifice some storage space to make room for the television.

Hutch-Like Focal Point

A built-in hutch will not only create an enthralling focal point, but also not intrude on workspace. So the chefs can work freely while guests can move easily.

Splashing a cozy cottage color on the hutch, with contrasting knobs, will add interest and seal the deal. The focal-point furniture piece encloses napkins, silverware, and dishes at one spot for easy accessibility.

Custom Drink Station

With a custom beverage center, with open shelves and mirrored back, you can ensure wine, glasses, and cocktail fixings are easily accessible. Installing the refrigerated beverage drawers just beneath the wine chiller will make it easier for guests to help themselves.

These home decorating ideas will help make your kitchen more than a workspace. Strategic paint schemes, layered lighting, delicious scented candles, and rustic yet refined finishes will make your kitchen a perfect space to entertain guests.