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Decorate a Perfect Bachelor Pad


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Decades ago, the perfect pad for the bachelor did not require a lot of work. A mattress on the floor, a few plastic crates for tables, a decent television and stereo system and maybe a futon completed the ensemble.

Thankfully, times have changed. If you want to have a bachelor pad that reflects sensible tastes, but is also nice to live in, you have a lot of choices. Just figure out what you want, need and can afford, and go for it.

Color Scheming

When it comes to getting the layout of your space just right, the easiest place to start is paint. Changing the color of the walls dramatically improves the way the room looks, without a significant outset of time or money. HGTV recommends that you choose bold colors that reflect a sophisticated, yet masculine look.

Once you have selected your color scheme, you need to decide on the type of paint you want. For low-traffic areas, the Home Depot’s buying guide suggests going for flat or matte paint. The style is more modern, but harder to keep clean. In the bathroom and kitchen, which attract moisture, dust and dirt, you may be better off with a satin or semi-gloss. That way, you can wipe the walls clean when necessary.

Getting Handy With Hardware

Like any other apartment or house, you need fixtures that suit your needs and your style. Houzz offers up many possible layouts you can borrow ideas from. And, Houzz’s designs demonstrate that current trends in bachelor pad decoration lean toward modern styles.

This means simple, clean fixtures for lighting, faucets, sinks, as well as drawer and cabinet pulls. If you have a hankering to follow the current trends as closely as possible, select brushed-nickel plating instead of chrome, whenever you have a choice. You may pay a little more, according to HGTV, but you will likely prefer the overall appearance of the brushed nickel.

Into the System

It just would not be a bachelor pad, if there was not a nice television and stereo system. If you are building your bachelor pad from the ground up, as it were, invest in the right stuff the first time.

Ask Men magazine recommends going straight for a Blu-Ray home theater system. You will have to do a little work to run wires where they need to be. But, even if you have already laid your flooring, it should not take up a lot of time. Then you will be ready to go for game night or just playing on the Xbox or PS4.

Furniture For Life

Once you have the fundamentals of your bachelor pad complete, you can add furniture. When it comes to buying large pieces of furniture, you should remember that less is more. However, according to Decoist, choosing the right pieces for the room is still important.

You should have enough places to sit that the room is comfortable for all its inhabitants and visitors, but not cluttered. For example, you can create a very spacious and comfortable living room with a sofa and love-seat set. Then, if you have more space to fill, consider an elegant chaise or a padded ottoman with interior storage.

Getting your home to look just right can take a lot of work. But, if you start slowly, think about what you want and research your options, you can create a space that fits your lifestyle without breaking your budget. Keep it simple, clean and elegant, and your bachelor pad will be the envy of everyone you know.