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Cutting Budget Not Quality


Cutting Budget Not Quality
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Remodeling your property does not have to be expensive always. With some budget home renovation ideas, you can not only make good savings, but also give your property a much-needed facelift, without digging a hole in your pocket or sacrificing quality.

Smaller-scale home upgrades, such as painting the room, replacing windows or a front door, or making clever use of empty space, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Are you any different? Let’s see.

Budget Home Renovation: Updating the Living & Guest Room

When looking for budget home renovation ideas, paint seems to be the cheapest way to spruce up a boring room. Splashing a cool color on one of the walls can change the face of the entire room, though you can always choose to color all the walls.

Does a monochromatic color scheme interest you more or a designer theme with splashes of color combinations? Lighter colors create the impression of a visually larger room.Another idea to make some significant savings here is to use old newspaper to cover up the floor and furniture, instead of buying a tarp when you paint. Every penny saved makes a big saving!

Window Cornice

For cheap home renovation, a window cornice will add color to your room. You don’t need new drapes or curtains, which will raise the total cost. If you are comfortable using a needle and thread and have a few minutes to spare, covering the seat cushions with the material used on the window cornice will look beautiful and change the overall look of the room.


When you do not have enough to splurge on furniture, worry not. Move your grandfather’s rocking chair to an empty corner in the guestroom. This little treasure will spruce up the look of the room and create a dramatic change.

Kitchen Upgrade on Budget

Undoubtedly a kitchen renovation can prove costly. But, you do not always have to update the kitchen completely – making a few tweaks here and there will go a long way in giving it a fresh look. The best way to update the cupboards is by repainting them with laminate paint.

Replacing the old door handles on your kitchen cabinets and drawers will boost the overall look of the room while keeping you within budget. Swapping outdated kitchen hardware will give the space an instant facelift. Or you can simply consider refinishing the cabinets by stripping the old paint and applying a fresh coat.

If your benches look old and outdated, simply adding a granite bench top will make a statement, giving the benches an updated look. Place the granite tiles atop the laminate. It looks fantastic with a polished timber edge and costs peanuts.

Crown Molding

Crown molding or chair rail can add a touch of luxury to your space, without costing much. Paint the walls in different shades above and below the chair-rail molding to give the room a finished look. The setting will stand out, without a luxurious price tag.

Bathroom Budget Remodeling

Consider replacing the existing fixtures and faucets with high energy efficiency versions to give an updated look to your bathroom while making significant savings on your water bill. When giving your bathroom an update, your main aim is to make it look bigger, brighter, and cleaner.

Throw away that old shower curtain, which is denting the beauty of your otherwise spruced up bath. Instead add a glass shower screen to give a bigger feel to your room. Swap outdated towel rails with new ones. Upgrade the vanity and sink to boost the room’s appeal. For just a few dollars, your bath will get a new look.