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Add Character to Your Yard With These 14 Innovative Ideas


1. Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting
Photo credit: thisisbossi / Flickr

New technology and mid century modern style are two trends that are fueling new ideas and designs that add character to your yard. Here are 14 of the most innovative ideas available today.

14. Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Advances in rechargeable battery performance and the steadily dropping cost of LED lighting have combined to produce a myriad of solar powered outdoor lighting options. As the sun goes down, your yard lights up like a fairy forest.

13. Outdoor Sound System

Cleverly disguised weather resistant speakers are all but invisible. Sub-woofers look like terracotta planters and speakers are disguised as rocks or ornamental garden sculptures.

12. Portable Fire Pit

A great alternative to a permanent masonry or rock fire pit, attractive steel fireplaces give you a campfire experience in your own backyard. A great centerpiece for backyard gatherings on the deck.

11. Balinese Style Hut

Hugely popular in Australia, Bali huts are becoming more common in North America and Europe. They can be purchased in a kit with everything you need to do-it-yourself: corner posts, roof beams, floor framing, decking and thatching strips made from genuine Balinese alang alang grass.

10. Stacked Deck

Home improvement experts will tell you that a deck is dollar for dollar one of the best home improvement projects for adding value to your home. Multi-level decks create distinct spaces that can be designed as private corners for intimate get togethers, space to lounge by the pool or space for larger gatherings.

9. Tweet This

You can create a wildlife garden that will attract birds and other wild critters. By providing nesting boxes, leaving a space for dead branches and leaves to lay on the ground and planting a variety of plants and shrubs that are common food or habitats for local wildlife, you will attract a colorful assortment of new residents to your garden.

8. Outdoor Kitchen

More than just a grill on the deck, backyard kitchens are perfect for people who want to prepare a delicious meal but don’t want to be left out of the action. From gas ranges to freezers, every possible appliance is available for your outdoor kitchen.