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6 Home Improvement Projects Under $100


Photo credit: Wollwerth / Bigstock

You might be surprised how many home improvement projects you can do around your home for under $100 in materials. Check out these 6 affordable DIY projects that can improve the function and appearance of your home:

6. Install Crown Molding

Measure each wall. Position crown molding at the correct angle on a miter saw. Cut molding to the desired angle and length. Nail molding pieces to the wall studs. Caulk any joints and putty nail holes. Paint your new crown molding as desired.

5. Give Appliances a Stainless Steel Finish

Revitalize that old refrigerator or stove to look new and modern with a liquid stainless steel coating:

  • Remove appliance handles. Clean grease or grime and sand away rust. Spray any bare metal with rust-inhibiting primer.
  • Mask inner edge of the door gasket with tape. Apply liquid stainless steel in a thin coat with a roller. Over the wet surface, use a wide foam brush to hide lap marks. When dry, apply a second coat. Again, drag foam brush over surface while wet, but in the opposite direction.
  • Apply at least one coat of clear sealer. Refinish appliance handles with spray paint. Reattach handles when dry.

4. Add Pull-Out Wire Baskets to Cabinets

Increase storage in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with handy pull-out wire baskets.

  • Start by measuring the cabinet. Buy wire baskets that will be a good fit.
  • Center the basket bases in cabinets. (Remove cabinet doors if needed.) Attach basket bases to cabinet shelves.
  • Insert wire baskets into the bases. Re-hang cabinet doors if they were removed.

3. Tile Over Old Vinyl Flooring

Installing ceramic tile over an old vinyl floor can do wonders for your kitchen, dining room or bathroom.

  • Start by removing doors and baseboards. Cut a cement backer to fit the floor and adhere with thin-set adhesive. Attach the backer board with countersinking screws. Coat seams with thin-set plus mesh fiberglass tape. Apply another coat of thin-set over the tape.
  • Next, plan how you will tile the floor using chalk lines at right angles. Apply thin-set to the floor. Lay your tile with desired spacing. Cut perimeter pieces with a wet saw. Allow adhesive to set for the recommended time.
  • When thin-set is dry, apply grout to tile joints, using a damp sponge to remove excess. When grout is dry, reinstall doors and baseboards.

2. Landscaping

Make your property more approachable, appealing and attractive with some minor landscaping additions. Basic yard cleanup, some inexpensive shrubs and a few brightly colored flowers and can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal. Make sure the hedges are groomed and the driveway and sidewalks are neatly edged. Trim back foliage to allow more sun to shine into your home.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting remains a tried-and-true, easy and affordable method of home improvement. Nothing spruces up the interior of a room like a fresh coat of paint, and it won’t break your budget. Consider an eggshell finish for easier cleanup. Make use of drop cloths and masking tape along moldings while you work.