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6 DIY Projects Using Old Denim Clothing


Photo credit: Canan Zembil / Flickr

Majority of people tend to just discard their denim clothing (be it jeans, skirts etc) after it wears out. However, little do they realize that fantastic things can be made from those very “worn out clothes”, some of which include:

6. Pillow Case

Add style and exclusivity to your pillow by covering it with a denim case. It’s relatively easy to make one, especially if you’re good at stitching.

5. Book Cover

Another simple, yet interesting project is making a stylish book cover with your jeans. Almost everyone has books at their house and therefore, making a denim cover is a great way of ensuring their safety.

4. Shopping Bag

Almost everyone loves shopping and in this case, having a denim shopping bag may prove to be quite beneficial. First of all, it’s much stronger than a normal paper or plastic bag and second, it’s unique, thus attracting the attention of onlookers.

3. Floor Rug

What can be a better way of utilizing old denim clothing than making it into a floor rug? A denim floor rug is indeed something unique and eye-catching. This project uses your designing skills to its potential because it involves choosing a specific design and shading pattern. So if you are good at designing, this project is a must-do!

2. Curtain

Another fantastic thing that you can make out of your denim clothing is a curtain. Interesting, isn’t it? Some important things you require for this project is a sewing machine, scissors, curtain rod and most importantly old clothes. Moreover, this project is relatively simple, which involves cutting, arranging and sewing.

1. Purse

Have you ever thought of transforming your worn-out jeans into a purse? If you haven’t, then it’s a highly recommended DIY project. That being said, you require some tailoring skills and knowledge to make one properly.