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6 DIY Fire Pit Ideas


garden fire pit
Photo credit: Rexness / Flickr

Do you want a fire pit in your home? Getting a professional to come and do it for you is convenient. You can relax while the job is done for you. However, why spend the cash when you can do it yourself? That’s right, here are some DIY fire pit ideas you can follow to make a fire pit on your own:

6. Garden Fire Pit

You can also have a fire pit in your garden if you want.

  • Scrape up a circular area of grass in which you want to make the fire pit.
  • Dig a few feet so that the hole is deeper than the surface.
  • Place concrete blocks around the hole.
  • Throw in wood and pour fuel over it.

Your garden fire pit is ready!

5. Eco-Friendly Fire Pit

If you are a tree hugger, then you might not warm up to the idea of the traditional fire pit. Not to worry as here is how you can make an eco-friendly fire pit.

  • Take an old container, preferably anti-flammable and made of steel.
  • Fill it with discarded flammable materials like paper, glass or plastic, anything you can find around the home.
  • Get eco-friendly fuel and start a fire!

4. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

This has to be one of the most innovative DIY fire pit ideas.

  • Extract the drum from an old, broken down washing machine.
  • Use galvanized steel pipes to create a base for the drum to stand on. If possible, attach an old bike wheel rim to firm it.
  • Light it up!

3. Red Brick Fire Pit

This one follows the same process as that of the concrete pit. The only difference is that inside of the sand, you simply have to arrange the red bricks in a circular shape. Apply cement between the blocks so that they stay in place.

2. The Conversation Area

Now that you know how to make a concrete fire pit bowl, why not create a conversation area around it. Place comfortable chairs or couches around the bowl and enjoy its warmth while having great conversations with your loved ones.

1. Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

If you have ever seen a flame blazing inside a concrete fire pit bowl, you would know how exquisite it looks. Now, you can make one for your home. Simply follow these steps:

  • Mark out an area 36 inches wide. Preferably, you should use a tarp on which to make the bowl.
  • Pour sand and water onto the tarp and mix to make the sand solid. Mold the sand so that it takes the shape of an inverted bowl.
  • Mix the concrete and water. Then, mold the mixture over the sand structure you have created. Let the concrete dry out, which would take around 2 days.

Your concrete fire pit bowl is ready!