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6 Best Artificial Lighting Ideas


Photo credit: Patryk Kosmider / Bigstock

Artificial lighting has its own unique appeal. The effect it creates in a gloomy room is just indescribable. It really makes you want to sit in there. Such is the height of its appeal! That being said, here are some fantastic artificial lighting ideas that will give your room a scintillating appearance:

6. Track Lighting

Track lighting is ideal for creating a floodlight-like effect in your living room. Moreover, the illumination that it provides is simply outstanding and therefore, makes it a must for big rooms.

5. Fan Lights

You don’t often get to see one of these, which is exactly what makes them so unique and appealing. There are various designs (styles) available for fan lights such as big center lights, mini spotlights, etc. If you want to give your room a different look, this is just what you need.

4. Firelight

Another terrific idea for artificial lighting is “Firelight”. It also makes a great addition to the fireplace. So if you are planning to call your friends over for the night, then this is definitely something you should consider having.

3. Sconces

A sconce is another great way of adding artificial illumination to your room. Generally, it’s fixed to the center wall (as opposed to chandeliers) and comes in a variety of unique shapes. Having one in your hall, just above the chimney will really add a magnificent look!

2. Chandeliers

This is probably one of the all-time-great types of artificial lighting, hooked in the center of the room. These don’t only look spectacular in the dark, but also during the daylight. Its exquisite design makes it an ideal decoration piece for the ceiling.

1. Layers of Light

Layers of light are an excellent way of illuming your room, while adding attraction to it. Moreover, there are a number of options available such as having a floor lamp, double sconces or so. Placing it next to the corners will ensure that there are shadows.