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21 Things You Need to Know About Home Maintenance


1.Adjust cabinet doors
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True, a home is your biggest investment. Keeping a home maintenance checklist handy will keep you from future headaches and help keep the household running smoothly.

21. Adjust cabinet doors

Over a period of time, some cabinet doors may refuse to close due to changes in humidity. Keep an eye on your cabinet doors and adjust them with a screwdriver if they look cockeyed.

20. Take the squeak out of doors

Lubricating the top and bottom door hinges on a regular basis can keep them from squeaking.

19. Fix drywall holes

A key element of your home maintenance checklist is to look out for drywall holes, which can leave a lumpy mess and cause significant damages over time. Fix them in time and get your walls back to normal.

18. Check for plumbing leaks

A toilet leak can gradually turn into a big mess. Running toilets can rob you off sleep and cause extensive water loss, thus jacking up your bill. Keep a check on any toilet leaks to prevent water wastage. A dripping faucet can cause loss of at least 5 gallons of water every day. Check for such leaks and replace the faulty part immediately.

17. Inspect roof

Regular inspection of your roof surface will help you repair any damage before the problem becomes bigger. This will help avoid costly repairs later.

16. Test and dust detectors

If the alarm sounds when you press the test button on your detectors, you’re good to go. But if it does not, it is time to replace the detector batteries. Make sure you install fresh batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every six months.

However, sometimes corrosion on the terminal also prevents the detector from detecting new batteries. So if the alarm bells still don’t ring, clean the terminal and test again.

15. Check fire extinguishers on a regular basis

This will ensure it has no signs of wear and tear. Also check to make sure nothing is blocking the extinguisher and that the gauge shows adequate pressure.