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20 Home Improvement Projects Under $100

17. Repaint Your Fencing

16. Repaint Your Fencing

16. Repaint Your Fence
Photo credit: Wayan Vota / Flickr


If a fence around your home is a prominent feature in your front yard, you’ll want to make sure that it’s helping your home to make a great first impression on visitors and guests.

Any outdoor repainting job will of course start with sanding away the old, chipped paint as much as possible so that the painting surface is smooth. You’ll then repaint the wood with two coats of an attractive color exterior paint. (Not sure what color to choose? When in doubt, a bright white almost always looks amazing.)

If your fence is not yet constructed, prime and paint your fence boards before you build your fence. The wood will then be completely protected from a variety of infiltrators such as moisture, mold, mildew and insects.

As you create your brand new fencing, it is very important to ensure that the bottom part of the fence is off of the ground when you install it. If the fence wood touches the ground of your yard on a permanent basis, the wood is going to inevitably begin to rot and decay fairly quickly.

However, many years from now, if your fence happens to be worn out and in need of a brand new paint job, here’s how you can revamp and reinvigorate it:

  • Clean the fence as thoroughly as possible. Use a pressure washer if needed and/or a wire brush.
  • Continue using the wire brush to scrape off old paint and debris. Use sandpaper or an electric sander if needed. Achieve as smooth a surface on the old fence as is possible.
  • Paint the front of each board, then the edge. Paint with the grain of the wood. Then, paint the back side of wood. Place newspaper underneath to avoid dirt in your paint. Use at least two coats.