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20 Home Improvement Projects Under $100

19. Update Exterior Light Fixtures

18. Update Exterior Light Fixtures

18. Update Exterior Light Fixtures
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New, stylish exterior light fixtures can add a tremendous amount of class and curb appeal to your home. Consider both the aesthetic appeal and function of lighting as you make your decision to change or upgrade it. Look for fixtures that have the same mountings as your current ones so that you can enjoy greater ease during the installation process.

You can also maintain your existing outdoor lighting fixtures by doing regular inspections of the light bulbs, the fixtures and the wiring. Ideally, your exterior doors should have at least two lights near them for optimal safety in case one of the bulbs burns out. When installing new light fixtures or a lighting system, be sure and turn off the electrical power in your home to the existing circuits.

Solar powered lights are a great way to illuminate your home’s steps and walkways with solar-powered or low-voltage landscape lights. Mushroom lights use both solar cells and back-up electricity and can provide a powerful lighting source while saving you money on your energy bill. You can also replace old-style floodlights with motion-activated lights to help make your home more safe and energy-efficient.

Also, be sure that any outdoor floodlights are installed high enough so that they are well out of reach. If you must move the location of the lighting, use metal conduit to reroute the existing wires to a new electric box. Once they are removed, attach the existing wires to the new fixture; secure assembly in place.

Point the floodlights downward and use lower wattage bulbs to help prevent the presence of dark shadows around your home.

There are new lighting solutions available for just about any budget, but if you comparison shop and do some pre-planning, you can definitely find solutions for updating your lighting that cost $100 or less.