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18 Wine Cork DIY Projects


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Photo credit: visionet / Flickr

Americans drink 4.3 billion bottles of wine per year, which is 13.7 bottles per person. This is a staggering number from an environmental resource perspective because 90 percent of all bottles have a cork enclosure, and cork is not directly recyclable. While the material is renewable, each cork tree can be harvested only after 25 years of growth, which means that its sustainability is limited.

Using a leftover batch of corks from wine bottles you use at home or those of friends, family members and neighbors to make a craft or project can help you avoid adding them to the landfill, while creating something useful and attractive.

18. Stool with Cork Appeal

Create a decorative and functional stool to place a book, drink or appetizer plate. Apply cork to a cylindrical base for a decorative and fun stool to support an indoor leisure area or outdoor patio set.

17. Safe and Decorative Tack or Push Pin

Drill a hole into the center of the cork, insert a tack or push pin, and you have an easy to handle organizing tool.

16. Magnet

Create a simple magnet with a cork, craft knife, glue and magnetic strip.

15. Bulletin Board

A wine cork bulletin board is easy to make using an ornate picture or mirror frame from an antique or thrift store to surround a panel of glued corks. Use a water-based glue, such as Gorilla Glue, which adheres corks effectively to materials and lasts, to glue corks to cardboard or foam fitted to a frame and hang in an office area of your home.

14. Cork Trivet

Cork is a heatproof material that transitions well from a bottle top to a counter top as a trivet to protect dining surfaces from hot pots and serving dishes. Use a commercial metal cork holder or make one with a wooden frame with corks added with adhesive in the center.

13. Holiday Ornament

Use a few corks and crafts ribbon and outdoor wooden sticks to create a holiday reindeer ornament or a cork bundle on a wound spiral of twine or string to create a Christmas tree ornament.

12. Bird house

A slightly ambitious project that couples architecture with bird appreciation is making a wine cork birdhouse that requires wooden shingles, a bird perch and a base from a crafts store, and cutting an opening in the corks.

An effective method for cutting corks is holding it with a large binder clip and removing the discarded area with a sharp craft knife or scissors depending on the density of the cork.

11. Refurbished Chair Seat

Add comfort and personalization to an antique or traditional chair with a cork seat. It requires a bit of measuring and trimming to set the rows of corks perfectly in the designated space.

Ensure you use a water-based glue that will last the duration of the revamped furnishing’s lifetime.

10. Bath or Floor Mat

A floor mat made simple with wine corks adhered to shelf lining paper or another durable and waterproof surface can be an attractive and simple entryway or water absorber.