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18 Simple Ideas For Your Starter Home


18. Wall of Books
Photo credit: Detective C / Flickr

Like your first love, your first home is something you will never forget. Here are some simple ideas to make it yours and add a personal touch without breaking the bank.

18. Wall of Books

You probably still have books leftover from your college days, plus there are always great finds at rummage sales and library fundraisers. Why not use them to create a beautiful, yet interesting divider for your home. Instead of lining bookshelves along the wall, move them out to create a separate little reading nook. If you have room for your nook opposite a window with lots of natural light, even better.

17. An Island in the Stream

Create and island in your kitchen made from recycled fence posts, doors and shutters. Use the doors as the counter top and give it a shabby chic look with mismatched pastel paint followed by a good going over with some fine grit sandpaper. Your island serves as an informal eating area or extra work space so everyone can help with dinner.

16. Plants to Live By

Take advantage of a sunny window or porch with plants. Hanging baskets and wall mounted boxes can give you plenty of green without sacrificing floor space. Use trailing plants like Boston ferns, fuchsia and trailing petunias to make a garden wall.

15. All Things Big and Small

Your first home may not be big on space but that doesn’t mean it can’t be big on style. Keep your furniture pieces small to maximize your space and then use one over-sized piece like a giant wall clock or framed mirror to give it an Alice in Wonderland feel.