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18 Quick Weekend Makeover Ideas


Photo credit: The-Brit 2 / Flickr

Is your home ready for an update, but you do not have adequate time to spare? Well, you do have that weekend break? So why not go for a weekend makeover and get a new look for your home this weekend?

Here are 8 quick weekend home makeover ideas:

18. Replace old rugs

Rugs are great for transforming the look and feel of a room instantly from a bare shell to an inviting space. Replace those outdated rugs and mats with versatile rugs with enduring styles to give your room a new lease of life. Creating a color-coordinated rug mosaic is a quick way to give a fresh boost to your room decoration.

17. Turn closet into office space

So your closet looks cluttered. Why not transform this cluttered closet into a functional space? This update to the closet will surely be welcoming! Try this out – it’s simple and less time consuming.

16. Re-design Stairway

Imagine transforming your boring, old stairway into an interesting and inviting gallery with all of your favorite artwork! This kind of weekend makeover transformation takes only little spare time. A fresh coat of paint will add that “wow” factor and personality to the dull staircase that badly needed an update.

15. Refinish furniture

A plain furniture face is a blank canvas waiting for a beautiful scene to unfold. A fresh lick of satin finish paint and glaze can transform your ordinary furniture into an instant conversational piece, getting rid of the distressed, aged old and making it both grand and functional.

14. Re-arrange furniture

Grouping the furniture differently can make a world of difference to the entire setting and refresh a room. Play around and experiment with different settings until you find a pleasing arrangement. Getting rid of the excess furniture from the guest room and shifting it to another room is the cheapest weekend home makeover idea to refresh ambience in your private space.

13. Go green

Add nature and freshness to your space by introducing a couple of unique planters in a corner. Use your old purse or a painted, old tire as a creative planter idea and add it to the interior setting to give it a sophisticated look.