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17 Retro Renovation Ideas


17.Collage of collectibles
Photo credit: Jill Clardy / Flickr

The retro home decoration look is always in fashion. Modern homeowners love to pick retro decoration ideas to create more interest in their homes. Why not? The glamour of the past never gets obsolete. If you are looking for a few retro décor ideas, we have some very interesting vintage home decoration tips that are reminiscent of the past, unique, timeless, and fun.

17. Collage of collectibles

You certainly have your grandfather’s iconic metal clock stocked somewhere in the closet. It’s time to create a collage with all those precious items from yesteryears. Complement the jaunty clock with gigantic metal skeleton keys to add rustic charm and character to your contemporary room. There are always plenty of collectibles to cherish in every home. It’s time to display them to the guests.

16. Vintage window

Why not hang that old window on the wall as art? It will add architectural interest to the room. To create a more custom look, turn the window into a mirror with mirror spray paint. You can also use the old window as a display shelf or as a wall frame for artwork. Enlarge your photos to the size of the window frame and transform a window pane into a gorgeous picture frame.

15. Retro wallpaper

Colorful, retro-inspired wallpapers are very much in trend. Pair the retro wallpaper with a mid-century desk, vintage chairs, and arc lamp to create more interest in the setting. These true classics will add fascinating expressiveness.

14. Hanging ball chairs

Create that retro feel with hanging ball chairs. Favor plastic, rubber, or metal for a closer retro look. Pair them with big foot stools and scatter cushions for a retro styled room. A space age classic, the bubble chair will add a perky accent mark to your room.