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17 DIY Weekend Projects


Enchanted Garden-flickr-tricky(rick harrison)
Photo credit: tricky (rick harrison) / Flickr

“Working” is probably the last thing you would want to do on a weekend, isn’t it?But who said working can’t be fun and exciting, especially if it’s for a short while. Here are some interesting DIY projects that will add that extra bit of excitement to your weekend and will get done in a jiffy:

17. Hang Garden (Outdoor) Lights

Outdoor lights are one of the scintillating aspects of your lawn/garden at night. It not only attracts the attention of passersby, but alsoreflectsa more soothing ambiance. Plus it’squite easy to hang them outside your house with the help of a wire and few hooks.

16. Make a Bench Out Of Ordinary Chairs

You must have a few old and unused chairs in the basement. Ever thought of transforming them into a solid bench? Remove the top of the chairs, fix some planks and cover it with foam or any other comfortable material. What you can also do is to cut out the legs of the chairs in the middle of the bench. Use industrial strength glue to keep the chairs together.

15. Make an Accent Wall

An accent wall adds a fantastic contrasting effect to the room. If you don’t have it, then you should seriously consider creating one. Pick an attractive design (color and pattern) of your choice and paint it on the centerwall.

14. Renovate Your Front Door

The importance of having a clean and attractive front door cannot be denied.It’s not only the first thing that visitors see, but also reflects the insidelook of the house. So if your front door has lost its appeal, this project is ideal for the coming weekend.

13. A Bathroom Shelf

A bathroom is quite useful for storingimportant toiletries such as soap, shampoo, etc. Moreover, you can make a pretty good one using a mere wooden box.You just have to take off its back side and add shelves to it.