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16 Reasons You Should Extend Your Home


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Photo credit: Advait Supnekar / Flickr

People who need more rooms at home can renovate or move to a new place. While both choices have many pluses and minuses, here are 16 reasons to extend your home.

16. Stay at home

Probably the biggest single reason to renovate is the fact that you will be staying in the home you love, with more space and new rooms.

15. Add value

While it takes a lot of planning, you will probably add more value to your home than the cost of additions.

14. Know your neighbors

If you love your neighborhood, you eliminate one of the biggest worries in moving – new neighbors.

13. Save money

It’s possible to get into a contract for the work you need for less than the investment in moving to a bigger place.

12. Location, location

You probably live near work, schools, your favorite shopping and your friends. If you move, will all that still be true?

11. Property protection

If your lot boundaries allow, building out on the first level is less expensive.

10. Exact control

You can control exactly the design and development of your room needs. That is not necessarily true when looking for another home.

9. Land and landscape

You keep all the facets of your yard that you love

8. Inclusions

In many cases, a contractor will agree to fix some standing problems in your home, to get the contract for the new rooms. It never hurts to ask for extras!

7. Fear of change

There is no need to worry about all the problems that moving to a new home creates.

6. Buyer’s remorse

There is generally less regret when expanding a home you know intimately than moving.

5. Be creative

You can try some different designs or locations of rooms and closets, for example, than would be available in another home.

4. Storage

You can include more storage in your design than is standard.

3. Inspections

The renovation provides a perfect opportunity to have a pro inspect your entire property.

2. The help

You are more likely to get friends, relatives and neighbors to pitch in if you are staying in your home.

1. The party

Plan a move-in housewarming party just like the one you would have had if you moved.