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16 Best Updates Around Your Home for Cold Winter Days


homemade shelf-flickr- Made in Mississippi
Photo credit: Made in Mississippi / Flickr

Yikes it’s cold! Before you just write the day off as a lost cause, here are 16 great ideas to spruce up your home. They are sure to put a spring in your step or at least get you off the couch. The best news — you’ll be left with one less day of winter.

16. Create a Backdrop

Freshen up the look of your shelves by adding contact paper with a complimentary design to the backboard. Pick a pattern that has a color reflected somewhere else in the room to pull the room’s decor together.

15. Switch

Broken switchplates can be dangerous and cracked or mismatched plates immediately draw your attention and make a nicely decorated room look cheap. Replace any mismatched plates and if necessary replace the switch as well.

14. Safer Bathroom

Installing grab bars in your bathroom beside the toilet and in the shower gives you an added level of safety. Shower grip stickers will also help prevent accidents. Not just for seniors, these simple additions significantly reduce the chances of slipping and falling in one of the most dangerous rooms in your home.

13. New Floor

If you have a bathroom or kitchen with old vinyl tiles, you can lay new adhesive vinyl tiles directly over the old tiles. First use some vinyl floor striper to remove the shiny coating. If the old tiles are embossed or there are any large cracks or chipped areas you may need to poor leveler to fill in the uneven parts before applying the new adhesive tiles.

12. Replace a Showerhead

Just like your faucet, showerheads can get hard water buildup and corrosion. If you haven’t already, switch to a low flow model or if hard water deposits are clogging up your showerhead, you can clean it with a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar.

To do a really thorough job remove the showerhead and soak the whole thing for a few hours in a plastic bucket of your mixture.