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16 Best Ideas for Efficiently Rearranging Your Furniture


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Photo credit: hazymat / Flickr

In order for your house to look neat and attractive, the furniture must be arranged in an organized manner.It’s of utmost importance. Proper arrangement not only saves space but helps greatly in giving the room a fantastic appearance.
So,if your furniture is placed in a higgledy-piggledy manner, you should work on rearranging it. Moreover, to help you in this regard, here are 16 great ideas for efficiently rearranging your furniture:

16. Sketch a Plan

Regardless of which room you want to rearrange, you first have to sketch out a plan. This is of paramount importance. A proper plan will ensure that the process of rearranging your furniture is as efficient and smooth as possible.

15. A More Pleasant Fireplace

Near a fireplace (as you all know) is the best place to be at in cold and snowy weather. However, improper furniture arrangement may very well lead to a not-so-pleasant experience. That is why it’s necessary to arrange your furniture smartly. Remove all the unnecessary furniture (so that you’ll have enough space available) and place a comfy sofa along with few chairs in front of the fireplace.

14. Start With the Heavy Ones

Another efficient way of rearranging your furniture is by starting off with the heavier pieces. This saves time and more importantly, energy. Apparently, when you start off, your energy levels are up and therefore, youcan lift and move heavy objects easily. But once your body grows weary, lifting big objects can get quite difficult and may result in an injury. So that’s why keep the smaller ones for the end.

13. Swap the Places of Your Furniture

If you plan on rearranging your furniture solely for the purpose of redecoration, then swapping their places is a brilliant idea. For example, you can shift your sofa (or any piece of furniture for that matter) from one side of the room to another one or perhaps in the spot your shelf was before.

12. Place It at an Angle

Another efficient, yet clever way of rearranging your furniture is by placing it at an angle. This is particularly good if your sofa (for instance) has always been parallel to the wall. So,positioning it at an angle will not only give the room a different look, but will also create some extra space.