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16 Awesome Ideas for Interior Walls


1.Be creative with wallpaper
Photo credit: myllissa / Flickr

An empty wall is like a blank canvas. So why not add personality to your private space by giving interior walls a distinct feel?

Here are 16 awesome ideas for decorating interior walls:

16. Be creative with wallpaper

Give your personal space a bold and modern edge with a geometric-patterned wallpaper, with bright green lines inspiring the color of the room. An outdoor-style pattern wallpaper gives a natural look to a room and pleases the eye, while a less traditional color keeps the space charming, fresh, and modern.

15. Choose a unique color scheme

Create a unique color scheme, with one predominant shade and other subtle accent colors to enrich the overall pattern. Go for a monochromatic scheme or analogous color pattern. Choosing the right hue can affect your mood while making or breaking the ambience of a room.

14. Use wood for distinct feel

Give a particular character and feel to a room by using wood on walls. Hardwood offers distinct look and feel to a space. Eastern White Pine gives a rich warm feeling, while knotty gives an altogether distinct character. There are plenty other hardwoods to lift your interior wall decoration!

13. Go for metallic tiles

Upgrade your interior with metallic wall tiles with textured floral or imprinted patterns. Metallic hues shine with light and make a loud statement on the wall.

12. Weave raffia into your interior walls

Provide a burst of freshness and natural appeal with raffia and create your own personal haven. Raffia wallpaper bonded to a fabric and treated with a stain repellent is easy to care for and looks fresh and evergreen.

In a traditional setting, raffia blinds framed with curtains in distinct colors will add instant warmth and character and soften the look.