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15 Best Ideas for Small Living Rooms


Photo credit: Chadmagiera / Flickr


Spend next to nothing and make your small living room look larger than what you ever imagined it to be capable of. There are a variety of tips and small changes that you can make in your small living room which will add more valuable space, give the illusion of a larger area, or add more purpose to your living room.

These tips are certain to work with your budget, while also making great use of each nook and cranny of the area. Whether you are looking for a massive renovation project, or simply want to implement a few details to get the most out of your small living area, these tips will do just that!

15. Multipurpose Your Furniture

The best thing that you can do to make your living room larger is to give your furniture pieces more than one purpose. Do this for every single furniture item that you have, or for as many as you can. This will instantly provide more options for you.

Since you have a smaller living room, you can’t really enjoy the luxury of having every possible piece of furniture available. For example, if you must have a pool table in your small living area, you might want to purchase boards to go on top of them, as well as chairs that can fit around them. Instantly, your man cave can turn into your dining room.

There are many more options for turning your furniture into multipurpose items. Instead of having just an ottoman, opt for one that opens up for storage or that has the option to flip and be used as a coffee table as well.

Instantly, you do have 3 furniture pieces in one without needing to take up valuable space that you are already limited to. Less is more, and multipurpose furniture can make you get rid of the bulk and clutter as well.

The same concept can be applied to your couch. Opt for one that has built-in storage, or one that can fold out into a bed. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a television stand or entertainment unit, hang your television on the wall and nail in some shelves.

Walls are essentially useless space that needs to be used, especially when you are working with very little square footage. Hang what you can, and make everything else serve more than one purpose.

The best thing with multipurpose furniture is that you can stay on budget while also finally giving yourself the “large living room” that you have always wanted.