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15 Best DIY Shelving Ideas


Bathroom shelf-flcikr-Orin Zebest
Photo credit: Orin Zebest / Flickr

Shelves are great at holding stuff. Not only this, shelves also make great masterpieces – blending function and style. You have a good chance of lifting the décor of your beautiful home by adding functional yet elegant shelves.

Here are a few ideas to get creative with your DIY shelving project.

15. Short shelves

Install small floating shelves made from scrap wood into a recess in the wall in your shower to display most of the bathroom essentials. This simple DIY shelving project is quick and does not take long.

14. Wire shelving

You can add extra storage space to your garage or basement by creating wire closet shelving. It’s as easy as screwing the wire closet to joists. It will surely look trendy and creative.

13. Bedside table

A wood dowel sitting pretty on elegant curved wall brackets makes a classic bedside table. The brackets offer perfect support for the shelf trimmed with carved molding. It even makes a classic piece in a small bathroom with space crunch. Paint the shelf to spruce up the space.

12. Mantle shelf

Turn your old fireplace mantle into a functional DIY shelf. Mount an MDF into the mantle to create an additional shelf between the two legs of the mantle. You can use a board as a back support for the shelf and create interest in the piece. A splash of color would be great to add personality and character to the shelf.

11. Ladder shelves

All of us have a ladder at home. If it’s not in use, nothing better than that? You don’t need to throw it away. Simply turn it into a ladder shelf by adding boards on each step. Just imagine how cool the masterpiece will look in your patio – simply attractive and creative.