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14 Signs You Need To Remodel Your Kitchen


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Photo credit: Dave Dyer / Flickr

You may have bought a fancy new house and thought you got a good deal. The rooms may all be well-furnished and well designed, but no house can pass the test of time.

Even if it is your own home in which you have lived for many years, there will come a time when you will need change. Some people consider changing homes, but sadly not all of us are born into that kind of money. So what do we do? We remodel.

While you may consider remodeling different parts of your home for different reasons, and most of it probably has to do with aesthetics, but remodeling a kitchen can be due to a number of reasons. We have listed 14 of them down for you. If you see any one of these signs in your kitchen, then you need to think of starting your kitchen remodeling project.

14. If the kitchen is falling apart in any way, then you need to be alerted

This may include holes in the ceiling or walls. It may be due to water seepage or moulds and mildew. They can drastically ruin the look of a kitchen.

13 Your cabinetry not only contributes to storage but also the look of the kitchen

Ifyour cabinets are not working properly or if their hinges are creaking or giving away, then you need new ones.

12. If your counters are having gashes, then you need to change them

Nothing looks more untidy and unkempt than a scratchy countertop. Kitchens are where mostly family and guests hang out, and you would want the most prominent thing there, which is the countertop, to be tidy and aesthetically appealing.

11. The flooring needs to be smooth and level at all times

If there are bumps on there, then project remodel needs to be initiated right away.

10. Do you feel bored around the kitchen?

Yes, you are probably there to just cook and not entertain yourself, because you have the lounge and bar for that, but seeing the same décor can get quite monotonous and may even affect your interest in cooking. If that is the case, then start looking up designs in kitchen catalogues.

9. Do you often see people bumping into each other in the kitchen?

This can be due to the famous ‘work triangle’ not being followed by the previous modeler. The triangle refers to the stove, refrigerator and wash basin to be spaced out because they are mostly independent elements and are also widely used. If they are close together, people will bump into each other and disturb one another.

8. Do you feel that you have to walk a bit after taking out a heavy turkey from the oven and having to put it down somewhere?

This is probably because your oven is far away from the countertop. It has to be close to it so that heavy or scorching hot foods can be set immediately after they are taken out of the oven.