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14 Exciting DIY Projects for Your Man Cave


Photo credit: Elsie esq. / Flickr

Man cave in actuality is not a cave, but a place (room) where men can do whatever they please. Décor, tidiness, etc, has no influence whatsoever! That being said, here are some terrific ideas (DIY projects) that you can try your hand at:

14. Garage

Many men prefer that a man cave should be a room where one sits and relaxes in front of the television, drinking beers, etc. A garage is an ideal option for a man cave. It is indeed the perfect place to be when you want some private time or perhaps when you want to focus on performing a task.

13. Magnet Board

If you are one of those men who prefer to have a room (as opposed to a garage) as a man cave, then a magnet board would be an ideal addition to your cave. Furthermore, it would make your cave stand out from that of your friends.

12. Work Stool-Chair

This is quite an interesting man cave project. It involves making a working chair by joining a car seat with a stool. That being said, it’s a pretty straightforward project, provided you have the necessary tools like drill, pipe cutter, wrenches etc.

11. Bar

A bar is undoubtedly one of the perfect places to be in when tired or worked up. That being said, adding a small bar to your man cave may completely transform its appearance, as well as its ambiance. Plus, you don’t need a whole lot of things. All you need is a nice table and a beer rack.

10. Cubicle

A cubicle is a superb way of ensuring that all your tools, supplies and other equipment are kept in an organized manner. Not only this, it also adds a tremendous amount of uniqueness to your cave.

9. Lighting System

The effect that lights create is truly phenomenal. Therefore, setting up a soothing light system will tremendously change the ambiance of your man cave.

8. Punching bag

A punching bag can be a fantastic addition to your man cave. It will make your cave look a lot more awesome and exciting. Plus, it’s quite easy to hang one up. All you’ll need is an eyebolt, a thick rope and of course a punching bag.