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14 Best Ideas on How to Improve Your Home for Spring


Get Your Roof Done
Photo credit: partiallyblind / Flickr

With spring approaching, you would want to undertake some home improvement projects in order to make your house a livelier place to live in during spring. If you haven’t thought of any good ideas, fret not, here are 14 excellent ideas on how to improve your home for springtime:

14. Get Your Roof Done

The snowy winter season leaves your roof in an absolute mess, from fallen branches to small chinks (resulting from snowfall).So, now with the snowy season over, you should consider cleaning and repairing (in case of any cracks) your roof before springtime.

13. Fix Window Screen

Unfortunately, your rooftop is not the only thing that tends to get damaged during winter season, but also the window screen. Small tears appear on it. That is why it’s important to get this fixed too, so as to prevent bugs from getting in.

12. Grow Grass in Your Lawn

Spring is an ideal time to grass up your lawn/garden, courtesy spring rains. Inspect your garden for dead areas and add some seed to them. Then wait for the spring rain to work its magic.

11. Patio

If you are contemplating a beautiful and comfy patio for summer, then spring is the perfect time to begin working on that plan. This will ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to complete your summer patio project.

10. Take Off the Insulation Tape

Another terrific idea is to take off the insulation tape from the windows. The sole reason behind this is to give the windows a proper and thorough cleanup. Moreover, if the tape happens to in a bad condition, you may consider replacing it.

9. Detect Drainage Issues

The reason why spring is such an ideal time to see to drainage issues is due to profuse rains. This further facilitates in checking the movement of water through the yard. Is it draining in the yard or perhaps gathering in one place? Once detected, you can then work on resolving it.

8. Inspect Your Smoke Alarm

Safety comes first, be it spring or any other season. That is why it’s a good practice to inspect your smoke alarm system regularly, so as to ensure immediate action in case of a fire.