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13 Most Romantic DIY Home Projects for Valentine’s Day


1.Custom Valentine Treat Box
Photo credit: Premier Packaging / Flickr

On Valentine’s Day, many people plan for pricey dinners out and exchanging expensive gifts, but you can have just as much fun at home creating these romantic DIY projects for Valentine’s Day:

13. Custom Valentine Treat Box

Decorate an old Altoids tin or bank check box using a glue stick and pink, red and white tissue paper, glitter, beads, sequins, photos, etc.

12. Crepe-Paper Roses

Use double-sided red or pink crepe paper and cut petal-sized pieces. Form the rosebuds by adhering the “petals” at the base and letting the tops flare out. Use a dark brown pipe cleaner as the stem for each rose.

11. Leaf Decorated Vase

Customize a vase by decorating the inside with tropical leaves. Find decorative leaves in your garden, yard, or local flower shop – anthurium, banana, orchid, calathea, phalenopsis, and cymbidium leaves are great choices. Adhere them to the inside of a clear glass vase and allow to dry.

10. Flower Heart

Make a heart entirely of flowers — start with an oasis heart template, available at any craft store, and a bunch of carnations. Soak the oasis heart; cut the stems of the carnations to size. Adorn the oasis heart with your cut carnations.

9. Heart Pendant

Purchase a basic heart pendant at your local bead shop or craft store. Decorate with glitter, sequins or paint. String onto a necklace or chain.

8. Charm Bracelet

Pick up a variety of heart-shaped beads and elastic string from your favorite bead or craft store. String beads artfully into a bracelet, alternating large charms with smaller ones.

7. Handmade Valentine’s Doilies

Fold a square paper napkin into quarters; experiment with different additional foldings and cut with scissors to create elegant, original paper doilies. Try some heart-shaped cuts.

6. Fabric Fortune Cookies

Using fabric shears, cut red felt into 4 inch diameter circles. Glue in a wire covered in a red ribbon. When dry, fold round felt in half and angle the sides toward each other to form a fortune-cookie shape. Insert your own romantic fortunes on white slips of paper.

5. Embellished Heart Candy Box

Take a heart-shaped candy box from last year’s Valentine’s Day and make it as ornate as you wish — attach crepe paper flowers, sequins, glitter, red and pink construction paper, etc.

4. Romantic Candles

Punch out hearts from sheets of pink, red and white wax using heart-shaped craft punches. Heat the side of a pillar candle using a blow dryer; heat it just enough so that you can embed one of the punched hearts into the side of the candle. Repeat until desired look is achieved.

3. Doily Stencil

Tape a paper doily flush onto the desired surface to be stenciled. Use spray paint or gently sponge paint on. Allow the paint to try completely before removing the doily stencil.

2. Heart-Shaped Cookies

Make your favorite easy sugar cookie recipe and dye the dough using red and/or pink food coloring. Use a heart cookie cutter to form the cookies. Decorate the baked heart cookies with icing and sprinkles.

1. Easy V-day Fudge

Heat one can of sweetened condensed milk with one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in saucepan over medium heat until fully melted/blended. Pour the mixture into a greased 9″ x 9″ pan. Add walnuts or other toppings, or swirl in peanut butter if you wish. Allow to cool completely. Enjoy!