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13 Most Cost-Efficient Building Materials for Keeping Your Home Warm


rigid foam
Photo credit: Zane Selvans / Flickr

Building your dream home can be costly, but not when you take advantage of the most cost-efficient building materials that can be used to keep your home warm. Not to mention the savings which will be continuous when insulating your home with these cost-efficient building materials. Let’s keep your home warm and frugal!

13. Outdoors With Rigid Foam

Rigid foam is one of the few building materials suitable for the outdoors because it isn’t subject to moisture deterioration. With that said, it is typically used on roof decks and other outside uses.

Proper insulation is imperative to keeping your energy bill as low as possible, and with these affordable building material options, you can properly insulate your entire home to ensure quality climate control. The total price will depend on how much of each material is used, and where it is installed, but it will definitely be significantly lower than other options.

12. Fill The Holes With Spray Foam

This is one of the newest and most popular building materials utilized for insulation because it is affordable and efficient. Spray foam gets sprayed onto surfaces in a liquid form, and expands to fill all cavities, leaving no gaps for your house climate to escape through, which will significantly decrease your energy bill. Aside from providing incredible insulation, it also acts as soundproofing.

11. Fire-Proof Rice Hulls

This building material doesn’t shoulder or flame which is perfect for home insurance, as well as insulation. As a bonus, it costs next to nothing and will provide impeccable insulation to keep your home warm.

10. Molded Expanded Polystyrene Never Rots and Molds

This building material will not rot or mold, and it is unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles which is imperative to affordable and durable insulation. It molds to the area and expands to fill all holes and gaps.

9. Phenolic Rigid is Perfect For All Areas

Your roof, wall and floors can all be insulated with Phenolic Rigid panels. It is safe and easy, and will provide a lifetime of thermal performance.

8. Environmentally Safe Silica Aerogel

This eco-friendly building material is environmentally safe and recyclable. It is a high-temperature blanket that is added to your home for ultimate warmth.