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12 Simple 1-Hour DIY Projects


1.Fake Mercury Glass
Photo credit: mahinui / Flickr

If there’s an efficient way of developing your skill set and knowledge, it’s definitely by performing DIY (short for ‘do-it-yourself’) projects. Not to forget, it also helps you in overcoming ennui.

However, DIY projects involve a great deal of time and effort, which may be somewhat daunting, especially if you are pressed for time. Now this doesn’t mean you don’t give these projects a try at all.

There are a number of short DIY projects that you can complete within an hour. Some interesting ones include:

12. Fake Mercury Glass

You probably have at least a dozen of glasses at home. So how about you transform a few of them into faux mercury glasses! It’s relatively easy to do so. All you’ll need is a glass-looking spray paint, a few glasses (or even a transparent vase to add size) and of course “60 minutes”.

Spray the glasses thrice, with adequate time to dry between each coating and once done, place a candle inside it.

11. Self-Designed Cork Coasters

Cork coasters are pretty useful items. They protect the surface of the table from scratches and moisture. But the cork coasters available in the market are a bit prosaic in appearance.

So to change that, you can personalize their appearance. Place all the cork coasters in one place and then start styling each one using a paint pen; a metallic silver color would be great.

10. Spine Bookmarks

Are you fond of reading books? If yes, then this project will definitely interest you. Bookmarks are so important for all readers. On that note, let’s make bookmarks from mere book spines.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to tear through your valuable books. No, not at all! You’ll surely be having books that are in a terrible condition; those are the ones you need the spine from. Take out the book spines and re-shape then into fine bookmarks.

9. Mobile Holder

In today’s world, almost everyone uses a cell phone. Now this also means each one must have a cell phone holder, so as to keep their smartphones protected and this is where this project comes in handy. You can make a unique smartphone holder from an ordinary plastic bottle.

Moreover, the procedure to do so is quite easy. Take the selected bottle and cut according to the size of your phone. After shaping it, stick a piece of fabric (big enough) to it with glue or any other adhesive.