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15 Home Improvements That Can Increase Sale Value

15. The Front Door

14. The Front Door

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This is the first thing buyers see when coming into your home. As stated above, you can add an improved door knob or handle and lock-set to emphasize the security of the door, but you can also improve its look and functionality several ways.

Even throwing on a fresh coat of paint can make your house much more inviting as people walk up the front walkway, says Sherwin William’s consultant LarriBennet. How much work you put in will depend on what you are starting with, though.

The front door needs to be both sturdy and visually appealing, according to This Old House. Some homeowners choose wooden doors while others choose metal or composite. The key here is to make sure the door doesn’t feel cheap – too light, flimsy or dysfunctional – and to make sure it looks good.

You can now buy composite doors that truly resemble the wooden ones people love so much, but that have the durability and strength of composite. According to This Old House, these fiberglass-composite doors actually use wood components – making for beautiful doors that most people would have trouble telling apart from the real thing at a distance.

Also check your hinges to make sure they are well-seated and oiled so the door travels smoothly and ensure the door seals well against the frame. A squeaky door or one that sticks will be noticeable to every buyer who you open the door to. If you are painting the door, putting on a whole new coat will probably give you better results than attempting to do a touch up and matching the existing paint.

You may also consider putting in a peephole if the door does not already have one or the existing one is difficult to use. Both improved glass and digital versions are now available.