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15 Home Improvements That Can Increase Sale Value


Photo credit: james.thompson / Flickr


From minor tweaks to major improvements, there are a surprising number of things you can do to increase the sale value of your home. Almost everyone works within a limited budget, so you have to know where the best places are to put your money.

Renovating and upgrading a home can be expensive depending on what you are doing so it is worthwhile to plan ahead. You want to make the improvements that will give you the most bang for your buck while remaining inside of your spending limits. All of this is doable, you just need to do the necessary research to determine your next steps.

15. Home Hardware and Fixtures

You may be used to all of the small fixtures in your home because you see them everyday, but buyers could find them unappealing, says Home Stager Sharon Tara. Not only can the look become dated, the fixtures may not perform as well as newer models.

This means that all the door knobs, light fixtures and drawer pulls in your house may need an update – depending on the state they are in. Everyone has his or her own sense of style, so the exact upgrades you choose will be up to you. What you can be sure of is that your knobs and drawer pulls from 30 years ago are not in style anymore.

According to Tara, the effect of dated fixtures can actually have a subconscious impact on potential buyers, even if they do not actually recognize the state of your light fixtures and hardware.

The message is getting in – “This house is old and it’s gonna need work.” This is true even if the buyer never says anything about a particular feature or set of features. You could show your house to multiple buyers and never actually hear anything about the problem.

Fortunately this can be an inexpensive way to enhance the look of your interior, your comfort and your security while still living in the home. Manufacturers have continued to improve the things you might be buying, like light fixtures or door hardware.

You can choose from all sorts of decorative and functional lighting systems, including task lighting for under your kitchen cabinets or a modern chandelier for the dining room. You can improve the security of your home through advanced lock-sets for your doors. Each small improvement you make is one you can point out to potential buyers looking at your home.