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12 Eye-Catching Accent Wall Ideas


Photo credit: Dave Cross / Flickr

At some point, every decorator wants to try something new and daring in form and function. An accent wall has been a traditional canvas for trials (and often tribulations) of going out on a design limb. Here are 12 eye-catching accent wall ideas.

12. Simplest

The most basic idea is to paint the wall a color different from the rest of the room. Use striking opposite colors or a stronger shade of the same color.

11. Photo buff

Do you have a favorite photo of a landscape? Blowing up a photo and having a large vinyl sheet made of it is a striking focal point. Sign companies are the experts!

10. Collage

This time-tested design style allows you to put lots of similar items – like photos – together on any scale that you choose. This also works well for disparate items e.g. a child’s room wall using all the school items like photos, reports, awards and (yikes!) report cards.

9. The artist in you

Hand painting and drawing is perhaps the most labor intensive style to do. It takes a lot of planning but the satisfaction level is huge.

8. Light it up

Use two or more sconces or small lanterns to light your wall design. This works particularly well for street scenes, travel scenes of exotic cities or colonial drawings.

7. Mirror, mirror

Small mirror squares make great design offsets and bring interest to the design. Large mirrors can be used to reflect other areas of the room.

6. Asymmetry

Use of photos or design objects like plaques randomly over all or part of the wall.

5. Textures

Walls that look like satin, leather and wood draw a lot of interest. You can design these with real materials or synthetics.

4. Trompe l’oeil

Try this more challenging style in which the eye is fooled by the design – a tunnel running into infinity from your living room is a startling element!

3. Moving parts

Use items like small birds, tiny clocks or hanging banners that move either randomly or in synchronization.

2. Outside in

Real outdoor items like flowers, bark, leaves, sand and shells add texture and authenticity to your design. Make sure to sanitize any items you find on your own!

1. Black is the new…

Be careful, but using midnight black backgrounds for your design is a striking, unexpected design option.