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12 DIY Painting Tips


Start Off With a Primer
Photo credit: [email protected] / Flickr

“Painting” is indeed an ideal way of adding life and appeal to your house.The ambience it creates in the house is simply indescribable. It’s probably the factor that makes your house worth living in.

However, painting is a task easier said than done. It requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. If done well, it could really transform your house. On the contrary, if done ineptly, it will lead to an absolute mess.That said here are some important tips to help you with DIY painting:

12. Start Off With a Primer

Many people tend to leave out this all-important step and end up with a lackluster color on the walls. Applying primer first ensures a smooth surface for the paint and helps bring out the paint’s real color.

11. Choose a Dry Day

Painting on a relatively dry day is the ideal way to go about it. This further facilitates the paint in drying quickly and properly.

10. Scrape Out the Old Paint

If you happen to see the old paint peeling off the wall, then it’s better to scrape it out completely to ensure that new paint sticks well. Moreover, after scraping, you can rub the wall with sandpaper to make it smooth.

9. Always Buy a Sample Box First

This is of tremendous importance. You can never judge the exact color of the paint until you have applied it on the wall. That is why it’s good to first buy a small box of paint to test its color, and if appropriate, you can then buy a bigger one.

8. Wash the Brush with Hot Water and Vinegar

Cleaning the paint brush can be a difficult task. But if you know the right way to do it, it’s not so difficult. Take a container and fill half of it with hot water and vinegar. Thereafter, soak the brush in it for approximately 35 minutes and then take it out and clean gently.

7. Do It with Dedication

Don’t paint just for the sake of doing so, but with a desire to transform your house into something awe-inspiring.