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12 DIY Gardening Ideas


Holly Gazing Ball-flickr-celesteh
Photo credit: bestfriendthemom / Flickr

The garden is undoubtedly an ideal place not only for relaxation, but also to relish nature’s beauty. Well there are a number of thingsyou can do in order to make your garden even more beautiful and sublime such as:

12. Garden Gazing Ball

Flowers are indeed one of the most exquisite things you’ll come across. That being said, placing a custom-made garden gazing ball on the plantswill really giveits appearance a whole new dimension.

11. Birdbath

Self-made birdbaths are another great addition to your garden.Snazzy birdbaths will not attract birds but also the attention of your neighbors and passers-by. This is a relatively simple project and requires basic tools such as scissors, sandpaper, PVC pipes, etc.

10. Tree Bench

A tree bench is another great gardening project that you should seriously consider. A tree bench offers two major benefits. First of all, it serves as a seating arrangement for your friends. And second, it adds a special appeal (visually) to your garden.

9. Mirror Garland

Garlands, regardless of where they are hung,are always appealing to the eye. So hanging a mirror garland on the branch of a tree will exhibit a scintillating effect along with added uniqueness. Moreover, this project involves using only a handful of tools like a fishing line, wire leader connector, scissors, etc.

8. Garden Swing

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting on a garden swing, relishing the fresh air with each round. Young or old,most people love it. So having one in your garden makes sense, doesn’t it?

7. Compost Bin

A proper compost bin can be a highly important addition to your garden and ensure that it stays clean and beautiful. It ensures that the backyard waste is put exactly where it has to be. Hence, making a compost bin seems quite sagacious and beneficial.