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12 Best Patio Furniture Options


Cinder Blocks
Photo credit: Just some dust / Flickr

There is plenty of room outdoors, so why not bring some creativity into play to block the space? What’s your take on this? Here are a few patio furniture options to inspire you to recreate your own outdoor haven.

Let’s take a look:

12. Cinder Blocks

Crates and cinder blocks can be creatively turned into seating benches for a unique outdoor furniture setting. Complement the seating by turning an old stump into a glam side table by using seal and spray paint. Here you have a great seating arrangement. Who won’t love to spend time in the patio now?

11. Logs of wood

Chainsaw logs of wood or bundle them in chicken wire to create an interesting patio table. Your guests would not hesitate to steal this creative idea. It will add interest to the outdoors while adding functional space in your patio. The stunning masterpiece is sure to turn heads and get you plenty of accolades. Are you ready?

10. Unused foot tub/tree trunk

There are plenty of unused items in every home. Your old claw foot tubs, big tree trunks, and even discarded church pews offer you a plethora of ideas to update your patio furniture. Polished tree trunks look stunning as a table top in the patio. Large wooden spools and whiskey barrels make trendy outdoor furniture as well. Just imagine sitting in the old claw foot tub turned sofa in the garden and sipping a cup of tea! The experience is bewitching.

9. Cedar or redwood furniture

Cedar or redwood furniture is very much in fashion. If your deck is more rustic, staid wooden deck furniture will be a good naturally resistant furniture alternative. Moreover, cedar and redwood are not easily damaged by rot or insects.What else do you want? It’s every homeowner’s dream to have insect resistant furniture for outdoors? This is what you get with cedar or redwood.