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11 Steps to Staining Your Wood Floor


Stain floor-flickr-OlgerFallasPainting
Photo credit: OlgerFallasPainting / Flickr

If you are looking to stain your wooden floor, be it inside the house or on your deck, then follow the following steps carefully. If you miss out or do one step wrong, then you will mess up the entire process and will have to call in a professional to do it for you, just like every time.

11. Be patient and give time to each step

Even before starting to stain, make sure that the pressure treated lumber weathers for a few months and is dried out before you stain it. Let the stain strippers be left on the wood so it can break down the older finishes.

10. Prepare the wood before staining it

Be sure to clean the wood beforehand and it doesn’t matter if the wood is new or old. Ift it’s new, it will have mill scale and older wood could have dirt or, graying caused by the sun, old stains and even mildew. Use oxygen bleach wood cleaners for this step.

9. Apply a wood brightener

Because it helps open up the wood surface for penetration and restores the appearance of old and weathered wood.

8. Rinse any and all chemicals with water after usage

If left on the wood, they can resurface over time and attack the new stain.

7. Steer clear of the cheap material

A and invest in good quality chemicals for your wood.

6. Use waterborne stains

They can be cleaned up with water and soap and there are no nasty solvents to breathe. They are also more resistant to weathering.

5. Every product is different from the other, so please follow the instructions on the product

Pay attention to the number of stain coats to apply and how long to wait between each. The time to wait after cleaning and allowing the wood to weather is also highly important.

4. Use semi-transparent wood stain

Because it allows the natural grain of the wood to show through and can be easily cleaned and reapplied.

3. You can use either a pump up garden sprayer or roller to apply the stain

Irrespective of these two, always keep a paint brush on the side because it helps work the stain deep into the pores of the wood.

2. Again, be very patient

Give ample time for the wood to dry out. You don’t won’t to ruin the whole process and all the effort you’ve put into it just because you couldn’t wait any longer.

1. Maintain your floor well

Even a small amount of effort will allow your deck to look good longer. So if you see signs of graying or the wood losing its color, make sure you clean it up with some wood brightener and a light coat of stain for maintenance.

Make sure you dispose off any rags you used in the staining process since they can be dangerous especially if you have children in the house. It is also important that no one uses the floor in any way while you are staining it. No walking or dragging things on it. Otherwise, it will leave ugly scratch marks on the floor.