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11 Most Efficient Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations


Christmas items
Photo credit: Nightthree / Flickr

Packing up all the decorations after the holidays is a dreadful chore, but even worse is pulling out all the boxes next year and finding broken ornaments and tangled lights. These tips will help you store your holiday décor safely and efficiently.

11. Organize and Prioritize

If you go all out one year, but barely bother with a table tree the next, organize your décor by where items are displayed. This will help you find only what you need if you anticipate a harried holiday.

10. No Wasted Effort

Wood, plastic, and other unbreakable decorations only require light wrapping to prevent scuffs. Pack all unbreakable ornaments together in one box. It will also help you find the ornaments fit for your youngest helpers.

9. Artificial Trees

If you have the space, there’s no need to dismantle an artificial tree every year. You can purchase a plastic tree bag that will cover and protect your tree fully assembled. Cover, zip, and then place in the corner of the garage or spare room. And it’s okay if you want to leave the lights and ornaments in place, too.

8. Light String Rollups

Store long strings of lights on hose reels from the hardware store. Wrap long strings carefully around the reel and cover with plastic.

7. Coffee Cans

Coffee cans make sturdy storage for delicate décor. Wrap your light strings around them to keep them untangled. You can also pack your oldest and most precious ornaments inside with confidence.

6. Old Wrapping Paper Tubes

You can wrap light strings around empty wrapping paper tubes as well as cut them in short lengths to create protective sleeves for small, delicate ornaments.

5. Christmas Cloths

Tree skirts and holiday table and bath linens can be used to add an extra layer of padding around your decorations. After washing, fit them between layers of wrapped ornaments, in the corners of storage bins, and tops of boxes.

4. Egg and Apple Cartons

If you’ve lost the original packaging for your glass ornaments, place them in egg and apple cartons depending on size to hold them in place and then stack into plastic storage cubes.

3. Plastic Grocery Bags

If you collect plastic bags from the grocery store, reuse them to pack your ornaments. Place each ornament inside a bag to protect the finish. Then wad up extra bags and use as a replacement for packing peanuts.

2. Save the Paper

Save used wrapping paper and run it through a shredder. The shreds make great packing material between.

1. Garlands and Greenery

Artificial garlands can be loosely rolled and stored easily in a lidded trashcan. You can also add your wreaths and artificial flowers, as well.

The holidays bring enough stress with end of year work deadlines and social commitments, so take the time to pack your precious ornaments carefully and make use of available materials whenever possible to reduce cost.