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15 Kitchen Amenities You Really Wish You Had


15. Spy Drawer
Photo credit: Mona Linksa / Flickr


Maybe you’ve always wanted one, or maybe you didn’t even know they existed, but we bet there are some kitchen amenities that you are really going to wish you had. Even standard old appliances and functional features that you thought you knew have been enjoying a modern makeover.

Ingenious new products and attention getting modern designs are heralding a new age of kitchen convenience with style. It’s time to take a look at the latest innovations that are set to transform your unpretentious pantry into the dream kitchen of the future. Wait, have we heard this before?

Here is our list of 15 super fun, convenient, or just plain useful kitchen amenities we think you will really want.

15. Spy Drawer

Convenient docking stations and power outlets hidden discretely in utility drawers and cabinets are the latest amenities in kitchen cabinet design.


There’s a war going on in your kitchen. Counter space is precious territory and balancing the convenience of having small appliances handy and the need for space to spread out and do some cooking is a constant battle. The losers like the pasta maker and that hulking electric can opener you inherited from Aunt Mathilda, end up deep in the back of your lowliest cupboard.


Enter the latest must-have kitchen appliance: the tablet computer. Along with smart phones and laptops, personal computing and wireless applications have entered the kitchen in a big way. A handy docking-station-in-a-drawer gives your tablet a home where it’s ready to search for your favorite recipe or update your online shopping list and then slide safely away from flying egg shells and bubbling pasta sauce.

Belkin, the computer productivity and wireless network company, has introduced a pair of handy tablet stands designed specifically for the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet mount holds your tablet off the counter with a simple cupboard mounting hook. When you’re done, it folds down to fit in a typical kitchen utensil drawer.

The chef stand sits on your counter and includes a magnetic tip stylus with its own holder that you can use to browse the Internet without worrying about touching the screen. The stand and stylus are both washable with warm water and soap.

Cordless appliances stay out of the way but are still ready to go when you store them in a cupboard with a built in electrical outlet. Small cordless kitchen appliances like coffee grinders, hand mixers, juicers and can openers can stay plugged in without taking up valuable counter space.


Chinese appliance maker, Haier, one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies for 2014, has already introduced the next generation of small kitchen appliances that use no cords, batteries or charging docks. Appliances operate using induction coils in the counter top that power the unit when it is placed over the coils.